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Pandemic 28 variant ( plague edition )
Pandemic 28 variant ( plague edition )
Pandemic 28 variant ( plague edition )
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Pandemic 28 variant ( plague edition )

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When we started a new project, it seemed to us that it would be a simple task to increase the diameter. There is a slight difference between 26 and 28 millimeters indeed. But that was fundamentally the wrong decision. The previous vapor chamber architecture simply did not allow for the desired vapor density. For this reason, we have changed the Pandemic platform.
Nevertheless, this RDA is the ideological successor of Pandemic 26. RDA is still equipped with a vertical installation of coils and has a wide range of air intake settings.
From a philosophical point of view, this RDA is a reference to the works of Jean Baudrillard "Consumer Society".
Key features:
- Limited edition;
- 28 mm outer diameter;
- Multiple choice of air intake;
- Copper pin and gold plated building posts;
- Only completely black color RDA;
- Unique engravings "Plague within edition";
- A set of additional O-rings and screws;
- Hex key.
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